July 19, 2012


A friend of mine recently asked me how come, if I was so interested in current affairs, that I did not choose to write about them on my blog. He wondered why I would ignore them and instead focus on design and food and books and the random events of my day.
Thing is, my blog is a space dedicated to things like design and art and books. I deliberately choose to keep my writing light because I want my blog to be a space people come to for a nice start to the day or a welcome mid-day break. I want them to feel cheered up, and hopefully a little inspired; even if it is only to try reading a book I’ve blogged about or listen to a song I've recommended.
There is a great deal of beauty and charm and relevance in the mundane, and I enjoy sharing that. I love writing about the brilliance of design and books and food and things that motivate me. I just don't see it as any less important. In any case, we all know what’s happening in the news, and there are far smarter, far more credible interpretations of it than mine that people could read.
So, this space, this blog, is my humble offering to anyone who cares to read it. Thank you, because I really appreciate you stopping by. The fact that you're reading this gives me an extreme case of the happies.
P.S. Speaking of doing things we love, is The Holstee Manifesto not the perfect poster


  1. There was no option - big D made a booming pronouncement to bookmark. Love the holstee - seeing it for the first time. Thanks for sharing.

    Two good reads below ( requires free signup on HBR blogs) -

    Cheers, Sood ( i got ipr on this handle )



    1. Thank you anyway, Mohit, even if it's under duress that you're here! LOL
      Will check out the other blogs for sure.

  2. WHY do men feel compelled to offer "improving advice"?! Personally, I find a case of happies every time I see a new "entry" here-so you just go about your excellent business of writing about the socially randomness that you observe & comment about so eloquently and so engagingly. If I'm aching for politically relevant stuff-I'll pick up a newspaper!!

    1. Thank you so much! This is such a relief to hear :)
      I suspect this is AZ . . . so thank you, AZ. You're my biggest supporter me thinks.

  3. You guess right but you think wrong-you have PLENTY of admiring AND admirable supporters! Observant and accurate guesser too-winning combination-me thinks

    1. Hahaha extreme, extreme happies coming on!


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