July 25, 2012

The Travelling Gin Co.

Sometimes people surprise you with their ideas. Sometimes they surprise you with how easy and fun they make those ideas look. Sometimes you feel a little (or a lot) envious that you didn't think of it. Perhaps like me, you wish you had more access to said idea. 
Meet Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis who established The Travelling Gin Co. in 2011.
The whole premise of the company is that it's a portable bar for gin cocktails set up in a bicycle.
They can handle small and large orders, and fit in 'the smallest and largest of spaces'.
Best of all, if you see them in the street, you could just ask them to make you a G&T.
Can you imagine seeing this parked ahead of you? Joy!
This is how they roll.
So clever. Definitely calls for a  . . . wait, is that beer they're drinking?
So look out for a bicycle with a black banner next time you're in London. Those lucky English.


  1. *Siiighhh* and we're stuck in G-town.. the most wonderful place on earth... not!

    1. Let's start selling old monk from a rickshaw.

    2. uff!! i wld like Gin & tonic like rite Now!! why don't we have offices like they show in MAD MEN??

      n kudos to selling old monk from rickshaw..dec wld be the rite time to kick start.

    3. Haha me too! Old Monk rickshaw seems promising, eh?

  2. Supercool but how about the legal bit?

    1. Gaurav, these guys have a 'personal alcohol license'. I've never even heard of that.
      if you're asking for my Old Monk rickshaw, who cares?! Maybe I'll get a PAL myself :)


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