July 12, 2012

Hong Kong on My Mind

Hong Kong is such a breathtaking city. It's a mix of cultures and people, traditional Chinese homes and magnificent skyscrapers, the beautiful architectural skyline against blue water and green hills, Peking duck pancakes and tofu burgers. You can have the typical city-holiday here, or even a deeper, quieter, more introspective one. The energy draws you in and leaves you feeling revived. I rarely want to go back to the same place twice, but with Hong Kong, despite having been there a couple of times I'll still always look forward to my 'next trip'.
Someone recently asked me to list what they should do on a short trip to the island, and I thought these were fun options, in no particular order. In case you're headed there this summer (lucky you) perhaps this will be helpful.

Victoria Peak
Take the historical peak tram up to Victoria peak, the highest point in Hong Kong. It has stunning views and the journey itself makes up for the pricey ticket.
Stanley Market 
This is a higher end flea-market with clothes, art, bags etc.
It's great fun to walk around. There are lots of nice cafes and a boardwalk. You can dog-watch here.

Lan Kwai Fong and Soho
For boutique stores and tons of restaurants, bars.
Great place for lunch/dinner out. LKF is also known for its nightlife, clubs etc. Crazytown.

China Tee Club
Old-world, colonial style lunch place. Must go for a meal. Thoroughly charming.
Right next door to China Tee Club. Gorgeous flagship store, with Chinese influenced clothes. Just the store is worth a visit!
Luk Yu Tea House
Best dim sum in Hong Kong - one of the oldest and most popular places for dim sum.
Must get there early as the 'regulars' take up all the tables . . . and they don't leave very fast either.
Temple Street Night Market/Ladies Market
Junky stuff and fake designer things etc. Lots of haggling skills needed. There are some nice things too, but you have to look very carefully. 

Po Lin Monastery on Lan Tau Island
The tallest statue of Buddha in the world and a very pretty, peaceful monastery. You need to get to Lan Tau island by ferry, which is also a fun excercise and very accessible.
High Tea at the Peninsula
Elaborate, 'iconic' high tea in one of the oldest hotels in Hong Kong. Their cabs are still Rolls Royces!
Pacific Mall and IFC Mall
Hugs malls, lots of shopping. IFC mall's rooftop very popular for eating out.

Chartering a Traditional Duk-Ling
Take a ride on an old junk (boat) at the harbour, which starts journey at the public pier or central pier 9.

Brunch at The Press Room
The who's who joint for brunch. Very understated and hip. Incredible food.
Symphony of Lights Show
Happens every evening near at Victoria Harbour, free for all. Very nice.
Architecture Walk of Hong Kong
Really worth it if you're into buildings and design etc. Discover why so many buildings lack a 13th floor.


  1. I went to Hong Kong last year. It was AMAZING. Victoria Peak was so beautiful! I even had a crazy time at LKF with my friends. :P <3

    1. It's a lovely city, there's something for everyone :)
      LKF IS crazy!


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