July 9, 2012

Reflected Glory

Scene: Apartment lobby. Aeshna is about to turn the key and enter her apartment when she is greeted by a familiar looking lady and a young girl. They both carry loaded shopping bags. 

Neighbour: Hello beta, let me introduce myself. I’ve been seeing you and your husband around but we’ve never really met properly. I am XYZ. We live in the apartment above you.
Aeshna: Good evening, XYZ. I’m Aeshna.
Neighbour (pointing to daughter): Have you met my daughter ABC? She’s around your age . . . 
Aeshna: Hi! How are you?
ABC: Good. Nice to meet you.
Neighbour: I saw you last night sitting outside on the bench with your friends.
Aeshna: Oh, that was you looking from the balcony?
Neighbour: Uh, yes, I was hanging out the clothes to dry. I noticed this person with you, a big guy with a goatee. He's a Buddhist.
Aeshna: I’m sorry?
Neighbour (to ABC, her daughter): Beta, uska naam kya hai? Humare Buddhist group se?
ABC: Pata nahin, mummy.
Aeshna: He was sitting with us?
Neighbour: Yes, I saw him last night. He comes to our Buddhist meetings.
Aeshna: Oh, oh it must be my friend JB.
Neighbour: Yessss. That's him. He is in our Buddhist group. I don’t know him really, I just see him there.
Aeshna: Aah.
Neighbour: I thought that if you were friends with him you must be nice people. I thought I'd make you meet my daughter. You can all be friends.
ABC (squirming): He he. 
Aeshna: Sure. Of course.

End of scene. Everyone leaves for their respective homes, Aeshna with more urgency than others.


  1. I think you should make JB and ABC meet, she seems like shes looking for a groom.

    1. Hahaha, I never thought of that angle!
      I would never do that to JB though.

  2. That's exactly what I thought while reading - that Aunty was trying to set up her daughter with JB!
    - G

    1. Wow, I just didn't get that! Lucky JB :)

  3. Is this the JB i think it is? totally shaadi.com central ur better than the real thing lol New business alertt!

    1. Hahaha super-sleuth - it probably is!
      Definitely not the new business I'm dreaming of. No thank you!

  4. ABC is evil; she'll attempt to break your happy home. Is she well endowed?

    1. HAHAHA poor girl - she looked harmless and utterly embarrassed. She will probably avoid me for the rest of her life.


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