July 26, 2012


My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Assam today. Having been in Ahmedabad through the Gujarat riots, I know the sense of alienation, terror, numbness and shock that surrounds you. Nothing seems safe enough. Even to you, who is safer than most.
I don't know when we as a people will learn from our past, or when we'll realise the value of our actions. We don't need to be with an NGO or a TV channel to make a difference. If we start with ourselves and cleanse our minds of all the conditioning we carry down from our ancestors, it'll make a huge difference.
Mind your own self, and be free of prejudice and malice before you start 'helping' others or taking sides. If we all focus on bettering ourselves, just ourselves, we can bring about tremendous change. Just refuse to be part of any communal/segregatory talk or action. Walk away when the person next to you starts talking about how X community or person is affecting the country. Don't encourage those who support separatism. There is no country without its people. All its people.
We don't need a miracle or a messiah. It starts with us.

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