November 2, 2012

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

I don’t know when Karvachauth became a trendy event, but till I got married I was always annoyed by the women I saw laden with bangles and mehndi making such a celebration of it. I wondered why they couldn’t be more subtle about doing what they needed to for their husbands. Couldn’t they wear mehndi at home? Was it really necessary to wear that many bangles? The flashiness of it all put me off.
Now, in my second year of being married, I have a slightly different opinion. I’m still all for cutting down the flash factor but hey, this is Delhi and I doubt I’ll see flash leave here in my lifetime. What I’m more on board with now is celebrating the day. Why not? If you’re going to be hungry and thirsty all day at least be in a good mood. I’m all for making it as fun and special as possible, so if that means you need to sit around getting mehndi put all the way till your neck, go for it. Anything to not get hangry (angry because you’re hungry).
So, to everyone fasting for a husband or wife – you can do this! Have fun and before you know it the moon will be out.
Dinner is going to taste so good tonight.

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