November 9, 2012

Peacocks and Sunshine

This morning I woke to the sounds of excited giggles outside the window. I looked out to find my cook’s daughters pointing and staring at two peacocks that had very calmly decided to strut around our lawn. They looked unimpressed by all the attention the kids were giving them, and more keen on discovering the hidden gems that lay in the shrubbery to the side. Quite magically, as we looked at the peacocks, the sun came up bright and strong (unlike what we’ve seen in days) and lit up the garden; almost a tribute to our morning guests, the smog gently pushed away so their colours could shine. After a few minutes everyone went off to where they were needed; the girls to school and the rest of us to work but I was left wondering . . .
These glorious creatures that drop in to visit our homes sometimes are so special – they’re quiet and lovely, minding their own business yet able to break out a serious dance move when the mood strikes. I hope we realize how lucky we are to still see them around the city. It’s like they’re there to remind us of what we could potentially lose if we’re not more careful with our planet.
Peacocks and sunshine – the right start to the day.

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