September 21, 2012

Design Files: Friday Gawkfest

Come Friday and the world is a beautiful place. Maybe it's the weekend around the corner that helps? Whatever the case may be, here's some inspiration/eye candy because obviously you can't focus on that pile of work sitting on your desk.
8 Spruce Street, a 76-storey skyscraper designed by Frank Gehry in New York. 
Want to live here? You can now - it's up for sale.

Lovely, creative packaging for honey by Ah and Oh Studio

Nuevo's Kieren counter stool in walnut. Need this in my life.

The 'Emergence' sculpture by Sakaya Ganz. Stunning. More so because it's made with reclaimed materials.

A geometric pendant light by Finnish designer Weekday Carnival. So modern and elegant.
I love the stone holder.

If there ever was a desk on which to get your work done - it is John Reeve's handmade cobalt laquer and walnut desk.

No idea who designed this, but what a way to sell tea bags. 

I love brightly coloured doors and this citrine yellow one would make me stop in my tracks every time I saw it. This is from American Street Houses, a townhouse development in Pennsylvania designed by Materiality Office.
In the spirit of inspiring design and creativity, have a great weekend!

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