July 4, 2012


There is something so personal yet so impersonal about space. About making something your space. 
You do everything to make it feel like home, cosy, putting things into their right place, changing the colours of walls, adding paintings, shifting bookshelves. Yet somehow, when you’re asked to move spaces, move house, you’re able to recreate that same feeling of home all over again. It makes me wonder exactly what we need to make something ours, and our space. 
Is my space just a frame of mind? Surely if I was so at ‘home’ in a certain locale I wouldn’t be able to recreate that somewhere else? Or is it simply my belongings that make it a home for me? What do I need to feel connected, to lay down roots all over again?
As I get ready to change spaces, in more ways than one, I’m struck afresh by what it takes to recreate the same feeling of belonging over and over again. All I need is my loved ones, some odds and ends, and some furniture? That’s fantastic yet humbling to know. We're not some high-functioning creatures whose needs cannot be easily met. We're satisfied with a couple of chairs and our television sets. Take us anywhere and we'll grow deep, nourishing roots.
Goes to show . . . the world is our oyster. 

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