May 4, 2012

Mad About Mad Men

The lovely S always wanted an office like the one in Mad Men.
She wanted a life with bar trolleys, clever dialogue and major drama.

Since S already had a good life, she did the next best thing - she had a party to celebrate the new season when it came on TV. You can't watch Mad Men premieres any old how.

The mango-loaded 'Draper Sterling' had to be drunk.
Draper would have forgotten his Old Fashioned if he had some of this magic.

There had to be crackers with cheese. S thinks of everything.

Of course they were all over before Peggy could say 'just play with it'.

This drink can safely be called 'The Joan'.

Welcome back Pete! You too, Don. 
You gentlemen look . . . older.

Or maybe I'm just distracted by the food. Even my camera feels overwhelmed.
S outdid herself! Such a Betty.

Thank you, S and S. You guys know how to do it in style.
Here's to the next season!


  1. If time machine is ever invented, I'll rewind and make it to this premiere party! Another bloody fun blog post, Aeshna. Love the little references to the show throughout...!

    1. Thank you so much!
      There's no reason not to have another one though . . .

    2. i love love love Don Draper. Aesh, pls ask S to include me in Mad Men Club. Drool Drool..

    3. You love Don Draper? How unusual.
      Yes, please join the club. First catch up to season 5 so we can talk!


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