April 5, 2012

Orange County, Coorg

After my wedding, as with any other Indian wedding, my family needed a serious vacation. Months of dealing with caterers, decorators, printers and bridezilla people in general had left them rather frazzled but grateful that it was a once-in-a-lifetime affair.
Orange County to the rescue! 
A few hours drive from Mysore, Orange County is a gorgeous coffee plantation cum boutique resort. Its lush foliage and quiet charm  make you feel like you've reached another world - a world with genteel people, birdsong, sunsets, dewy air and absolutely beautiful coffee.
'Nature will provide for all your needs, but not for your greed.'

This was our cottage.

Pretty, winding paths walk you through the property. 
There are golf carts if you prefer being driven.

If you're lost, look to a tree for answers. Life rule.

This reading room is built on stilts! It has a stunning view of the plantation.
Let the breeze turn the pages of your book . . .

You read your book, the pretty lady will do her thing.

The adults-only (yay!) pool complete with bar and lifeguard.

Nothing beats a pool in the afternoon.

Besides a nap in a hammock.

The Ayurvedic massage centre - all traditional architecture and wooden roof and stunning.

I dream of sitting on this tiny veranda again with my morning coffee. It rejuvenated my family. Maybe you should take yours there too.

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