April 17, 2012

Eating Out in Delhi: Amici Cafe, Saket

It is exhausting walking around a mall. There's so much activity. People in your face. Bags. Things you can't afford but really want. More things. It's a good idea to take a break.
If you happen to be part of this scene at Select Citywalk in Saket, you may want to head over to the Amici Cafe on the first floor. Its at a corner near an escalator, with open seating so you can people watch, and large windows that make it nice and airy. Amici Cafe is known for its wood-fired oven pizzas, and after being part of the madding crowds we were in the mood for melted cheese. 
We ordered a large pizza and asked them to split it with two different sets of toppings. The staff is courteous and surprisingly familiar with the menu, something of a rarity these days. They patiently waited as we decided between the pizzas, offering suggestions of their own. We finally chose the Tricolore (mascarpone, mozzarella, Parmesan and rocket leaves) and the Fire Starter (spicy salami, bell peppers, onions, jalapenos and chilli flakes) on the Amici signature crust. To offset the carb fest, we ordered a Caesar salad (I know the dressing is loaded but it was the yummiest on the menu).
Our salad arrived first. The lettuce was crisp and cold, though the texture and flavouring of the dressing was not as as expected. Not a great salad, I'm afraid. The crusty garlic bread on the side was good, completely loaded with butter and garlic.
Then arrived our pizza, piping hot from the oven. It looked SO good. The crust was light and flavourful and crisp around the edges - the perfect carrier for hot tomato and cheese. The Tricolore was delicious, especially since I am particularly found of all three cheeses used. It did veer on the edge of sweet, but the rocket leaves countered that. It also helped that we generously doused everything with chilli oil, our new obsession. The Fire Starter was equally good with generous amounts of salami and a deep, fiery sauce. It was a really good half-and-half pizza because the two halves really complimented each other.
Though it was on the expensive side for a pizza and salad (Rs. 1060 in total) we enjoyed our little break from the mall. The pizza, I must add, was actually worth it.

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