April 13, 2012

Eating Out in Bali: Sari Organik

We had read/heard so much about Sari Organik in Ubud, Bali, that we assumed the locals would know where it was. Not the case. After much investigation, we were lead to a narrow pathway behind a house that apparently connected to rice fields and then told to 'follow the path'. Seeing other people (who looked like tourists) headed the same way we figured it was the right direction. Why else would they be traipsing through rice fields at lunchtime, right?

We blindly followed these umbrellas (and the smart people who carried them) 
down a lovely winding path. 

We walked through serene rice fields. 
You're always surprised by the landscapes in Ubud. They just never get old.

We walked past quite a few huts like these. None of them were Sari Organik.

After a long walk, we finally we came upon this delightful sight . . .
Sari Organik is known for the fantastic food they serve, all created from their own 
organically grown produce. ('Overflowing Basket' = a very good sign)

 This is the entry to the restaurant. There are green plants and flowers everywhere. 
You climb up into Sari Organik because it's built on stilts. Who knew? 
(I did, actually. That's why we came.)

And welcome to Sari Organik! You're here to eat a beautiful lunch on stilts under a canopy.
You'll have a glorious view of the rice fields as you enjoy your meal. Stay a while?

We got the perfect table. 
It was breezy, you could sit cross-legged and lean against big cushions, and this view.

We started with this refreshing ginger lemonade. It truly took the heat away.
The gentleman also seems pleased with our choice of drink.

I had a falafel patty with brown rice and grilled vegetables. It actually was as good as it looks. 
Light, crunchy vegetables, delicately flavoured rice and delicious falafel. Best part, it supported the local farmers. ScoreIgnore my expression - I was probably regretting stomach space wasted on breakfast.

My husband got some sugarcane + lime juice and the day's special.
It happened to be green curry, brown rice, vegetables, crispy okra, and a bean patty.
We shared a raw papaya salad as well. No judgement, please.

Our view. Swoon. We gazed at this long after our meal was over.
Best way to spend an afternoon.

We had the perfect farewell too. This old guy came and sat on the steps to say bye.
Don't miss Sari Organik when you're in Ubud. 
It feels like a slice of Balinese life served up fresh with a side salad.


  1. Aaahhhh Ubud.....the delightful people, lush greenery all around us and little nooks for us to discover. Easily my favorite place in Bali.

    1. Let's go back! Come on, Kupu Kupu awaits!


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